Ansible check if systemd service is running

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def install_ansible_dependencies (): """ Install the python-dnf module so that Ansible can communicate with Fedora's Package Manager """ run ('dnf install -y python-dnf') Keep in mind that this is specific to the Fedora Linux distro, as we will be using the DNF module for installing packages, but it could vary by distro.

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systemd consists of two main concepts: a unit and a target. A unit is a configuration file that describes the properties of the process that you'd like to run. This is normally a docker run command or something similar. A target is a grouping mechanism that allows systemd to start up groups of processes at the same time. As you can see, a fairly simple kernel sysctl key, might require some more reading, before making a decision on the best sysctl value. So if you really want to disable the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination, you might want to change this systemd target file. Instead of calling the systemd-reboot.service, it should do nothing, so it truly ignores it.

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More play, less book. Ask about DevOps way of automation, Ansible will pop up, sure thing. It has its bright sides, and ones that aren’t as bright, but that’s not what we’re touching today – In this article, I will try to explain the principles of Ansible role building, that you can easily introduce in practice, to build elegant, elastic, easy to use and troubleshoot code. In this post, we'll make a simple Ansible playbook for Tomcat9 on Ubuntu 18.04 Systemd with AWS (t2-micro type). When we launch the instance, we may want to use UserData to have it Python installed, otherwise Ansible will complain for not finding it: #! /bin/bash apt-get install -y python The screenshot below is the result after running our ...

In this guide, we will install Semaphore Ansible Web UI on CentOS 7. Semaphore is an open source web-based solution that makes Ansible easy to use for IT teams of all kinds.