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A Class object in Prototype has the function initialize() as the constructor. (see prototype.js, line 21) Now, unless I am mistaken, lightbox.js is setup to expect a “handle” to a control, after which is does all the tie-up work between events and handlers. All of this is not necessary when trying to use lightbox dynamically.

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Figma Elements. Adobe XD Elements. Framer Elements Thankfully, Sections has Figma components that are easy to use and customize. It offers light and dark themes, with more than 330 layouts. A developer's armory isn't complete without a variety of kits that target different platforms. While it's useful to target low-fidelity prototypes, it's also important to have...

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Import your designs straight from Sketch or Figma. 10+ Gestures. Navigate your prototype using Add scrollable areas with a single click and create impressive scroll-based animations in the Any group can be made to scroll and they are very customizable, you can even nest scrollable areas...

Would be great if it could open links The app works so much better than viewing prototypes in a mobile browser, but it’s unfortunately not usable for remote user testing because you need to drive it from Figma on a desktop. Aug 25, 2016 · If you enjoyed last week’s post HTML5 player movement like in popular iOS game “Back to Square One” made with Phaser, today there’s more for you as I am updating the prototype adding enemies. Enemies are moved with a tween with yoyo effect to make them patrol up and down, and we use ARCADE physics to check for collisions.