How to check ecu ground

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If the CEL) remains on during normal operation then the ECU has detected a possible fault. using the Check Engine Light. Some models have an empty slot in the fuse box that requires a fuse to be inserted but most models have either a 4-pin or a 6-pin connector that requires a wire link to be inserted to place the ECU into test mode.

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(a) First, check the ECU ground circuit. If it is faulty, repair it. If it is normal, the ECU could be faulty. Temporarily replace the ECU with a known good one and check if the problem symptoms occur. If the problem symptoms disappear, replace the original ECU. (1) Measure the resistance between the ECU ground terminal and body ground.

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Apr 13, 2015 · When found in a 2004 VW Golf, Jetta, or New Beetle with 1.9l TDI-PD (BEW), check for TSB 2010461 (01-07-45 formerly 97-05-03) or 201463 (01-07-44 formerly 97-05-04) calling for a flash update to the ECU and a secondary ground installation.

If you have a CEL code stored, you need to have it read to see what the problem is. Resetting the ECU will not clear all CEL codes. Resetting the ECM: Disconnect the battery. Only "one" battery cable needs to be removed, normally the ground. Press the brake pedal a couple times to drain any residual charge. Reconnect the battery. (1) Vectra engine was from a manual car, so is already coded to MT, otherwise connect Engine ECU pin 69 (0.5mm Black/Red) to Ground. (2) Dash loom connector used to plug into XE ECU loom behind fuse box – 4 pins.