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Jun 26, 2018 · Name 5 is a good little party game that, with a little tweaking, can be become great. Although it’s far too easy to be thinking about this yet, I would highly recommend it for Christmas parties and family get-togethers when you need something that everyone can play together before an elderly relative suggests Candyland …

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Great work: you have reached the final round! We will end the quiz with a ‘name that tune’ music round. You’ll hear 10 songs. We are looking for the title and the artist of each clip, for half a point each. So you can earn 10 more points on this round! We thought it was a little too easy to show a photo of the artists.

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142 different Song Title Quizzes on Check out our popular trivia games like Songs with Body Parts in the Title, and Title in the Lyrics Quiz #1

Nov 21, 2019 · If the team guesses the song title and the artist’s name, they will receive 3 points. If they don’t know it, you can play another 2 to 3 seconds of the song. If they get it right on the second attempt, they will earn 2 points. The winner of the game is the first team to reach 30 points. #10 – Pop Song Charades. Pop Song Charades is a much ... Jun 19, 2014 · Song 2 – Blur. That opening six seconds of snare and bass drum kick followed by those distinctive chords and the sudden rush of Damon Albarn screaming "woo hoooo!" Plus a great, much misheard ... Spotify is a music service that has an almost limitless range of songs and artists. There is a free version supported by ads, and a paid version for $12 a month without ads. To use Spotify you will need to create an account and download software for your computer or smart phone / device.