Xbox one controller not showing up on pc

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May 04, 2017 · So in short, nothing relating to any controller is showing up in the Device Manager. It is not even showing up on the "Devices and Printers" portion of the control panel either.

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I went and purchased an xbox one S controller. The new bluetooth one. It's configured correctly in the OS and all of the emulators see it no problem. It's the only controller configured on the machine. When i open launch box and go to the controllers section, the drop down list is empty. As if the controller doesn't exist. What am I doing wrong? :) Dec 21, 2008 · Page 1 of 4 - XInput - Xbox 360 Controller API - posted in Scripts and Functions: XInputXInput.ahk wraps a few key functions of XInput, a.k.a. the Microsoft Common Controller API. It provides the following capabilities not otherwise accessible to scripts:The official drivers report to Windows one axis for both analog triggers, making it impossible to detect when both triggers are pulled at ...

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Then your computer cannot detect the controller and you need to stop right here and identify what is wrong with your Xbox controller such as possible bad wiring or if it needs more serious repair. Installing the driver will not help if you if you one of those two Hardware IDs. This is partial speculation as I personally don't own one, but here goes: pc: According to the amazon page q&a, the controller can link to a pc via bluetooth. I assume it will setup as a standard joystick/gamepad. xbox: Here's where it gets complicated:

(Xbox one controller) One day the controller... (I also bought a new micro USB thinking the wire was busted, but nope, still not working) Just flashing away at me and nothing showing up on device manager and Microsoft website is a complete nightmare to navigate for me.You would either need a seperate controller for the PC not synced to the xbox, or just live with the pairing. If you pair your controller with the USB wireless dongle it would force the pair to the dongle instead of the console. But then you would be require to re-pair the controller to the console when you wanted to use it there as well.